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Losing extra pounds is only half the battle. How do you keep from regaining unwanted weight? People who lose weight often continue to follow the same lifestyle patterns that brought about success or they revert back to old ways. About twenty percent of those who lose weight maintain that loss for one year. Approximately one-third regain weight within one year, and typically the rest regain within three to five years.

A recent study found several differences in successful methods for losing weight and for keeping it off. Researchers identified fourteen practices that helped with either weight loss or weight-loss maintenance, but not both. The following practices were associated more with losing weight than with keeping it off.

  • Participate in weight loss program
  • Look for information about weight loss, nutrition, or exercise
  • Eat healthy snacks
  • Limit intake of sugar
  • Avoid skipping meals
  • Do different kinds of exercise
  • Do enjoyable exercises
  • Think about how much better you will feel when thinner
  • Plan meals ahead

Practices linked to successful weight-loss maintenance included:

  • Follow consistent exercise routine
  • Eat plenty of low-fat protein sources
  • Reward self for following diet or exercise plan
  • Remind self of why you need to control weight

The next time you wonder why you can’t avoid putting on pounds after losing them, see if you follow these four practices that can help you stay at a healthier weight.

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