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Halloween is a special day in our household. No, we aren’t into ghosts or goblins. It’s our older daughter’s birthday. I quipped shortly after her birth and several sleepless nights, “I don’t know if she is a trick or a treat.” Through the years, I assure you she remains a delightful treat.

Whether to honor birthdays or celebrate Halloween, mixes made from popcorn make great treats. Unless you add salt and excessive butter or oil, popcorn is a low-sodium, low-calorie food with lots of healthy fiber. If you expect little goblins at your door tonight, you have time to whip up a nutritious snack. Place goodies into zip-closed bags.

October is Popcorn Popping Month. To find an enjoyable array of recipes and a fun website for Halloween or anytime, go to www.popcorn.org.

Have a happy, healthy day.

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