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How would you like to slip on your undergarments and know you will lose weight without any effort on your part? Sound too good to be true? That’s what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) thought, too. The FTC claims that Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc, and Wacoal America, Inc. misled customers when they claimed that their shapewear undergarments infused with caffeine would reduce cellulite. The FTC claimed the evidence could not be scientifically substantiated.

Perhaps the day may come when clothing can permanently reshape or redistribute body fat. That’s the fundamental principle of current shapewear on a temporary basis─to which many women can attest. Those garments seem to compress fat in the right places to help us look slimmer than we are. No one refutes that. But once we remove garments, it all hangs out.

We can wistfully hope that in the future fat will safely melt away so that we not only look trimmer when wearing specific undergarments, but we will stay that way when the garments come off.

Still, there’s hope.

Until then, it’s back to diet and exercise.




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